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Music Services

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Music Services & Consultation

We are proud to negotiate, execute, and advise regarding agreements for clients, including but not limited to record companies and music publishers, with a specialty of in-depth assistance for music business and legal affairs.

Contracts, Agreements For

Recording, Composer, Songwriting, Producer, Audio-Visual Production services

  • Licensing including (mechanical, public performance, synchronization, print, and master recording)
  • Copyrights
  • Foreign Distribution
  • Sub Publishing
  • Employment
  • Third-party agreements for theme composers, songwriters, artists, producers, mixers, and sampled music

“D’Alessio Law Group provided phenomenal client service while delivering successful results during the approval of both my O-1 Visa and Green Card (immigration from Canada to the United States of America). 

Leslie, Lorraine, and Kelly are notable for their vast range of experience and reliable response times during the lengthy and often daunting immigration process.”

Joseph Procopio – Google Review

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D’Alessio Law Group Offers In Depth Synchronization Services, Including:

  • Forming a budget for the use of music in a given project.
  • Examining and analyzing film and television scripts for music usage
  • Creating music credits and legal deliverables (mains, end crawls, liner notes, and digital booklet for soundtrack albums; if applicable)
  • Researching, clearance, and licensing of all pre-existing music from third parties (e.g., record labels, music publishers, music libraries, studios) for a given production. If applicable, the soundtrack album.
  • Advising and directing music creative parties (e.g., music supervisor, director, studio creative executives, on-set consultants, music producers, line producers) as necessary throughout a given production.
  • Advising and directing music business parties (e.g., licensing entities, studio marketing executives, production attorneys, studio delivery executives, studio business and legal affairs executives, soundtrack album record label parties) as necessary throughout a given production.

Other Services:


  • Live Performances
  • Accounting and Financial matters
  • Sponsorships
  • Charitable Requests
  • Collection Societies

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