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R Visas for Temporary Religious Workers

Table of Contents

Who Qualifies For An R Visa?

The R-2 visa category is for foreign nationals who enter the United States temporarily: 

  • Be employed at least part time (average of at least 20 hours per week) by a non-profit religious organization in the United States
  • With an organization which is affiliated with the religious denomination in the United States). 
  •  The R-1 visa holder must enter the U.S. to work as a or in a religious vocation or occupation.

R-1 Visa Criteria

To qualify, the foreign national must:

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  • Have been a member of a religious denomination having a bona fide non-profit religious organization in the United States for at least 2 years immediately preceding the filing of the petition.
  • Every petition for an R-1 worker must be filed by a prospective or existing U.S. employer.
  • There are certain requirements which must be satisfied by the petitioning organization as well as by the religious worker, the beneficiary of the petition.

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