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Bring Your Artistic Talent to the U.S.

Bring Your Artistic Talent to the U.S

Are you an artist or actor living abroad, dreaming of showcasing your talent in Los Angeles? The prospect of pursuing your passion in the world’s entertainment capital can be thrilling, but it comes with legal and monetary challenges. To help you prepare, we’ve gathered some tips to make your journey to the U.S. more successful and less stressful.

Know Your Visas

Before you pack your bags, research the visa options available to you. International actors seeking to perform in the U.S. for monetary gain should explore O and P visas. The O1-B visa applies to those with extraordinary ability in the arts or outstanding achievements in film and television, while the P1-B visa applies to renowned entertainment groups.

Start Early

The visa application process can be lengthy and complicated, so starting as early as possible is crucial. The entire O and P visa process takes about 2-4 months, including the preparation of materials, filing, and USCIS adjudication. However, premium processing guarantees adjudication in 15 days or less.

Get Gigs

While still in your home country, build your acting credits and experience. Leading or significant roles in commercial productions or those done by U.S. production companies working abroad are most desirable. You can also audition remotely using modern technology. Once you’re in the U.S., the pilot season offers excellent opportunities for work.

At D’Alessio Law, we specialize in immigration law and can help you navigate the legal process of obtaining your visa. In addition, our team of experienced attorneys can assist you with paperwork preparation, planning your move, and personalized counseling to reach your goals.

If you’re ready to showcase your talent in Los Angeles, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Let us help you realize your dream of pursuing your passion in the U.S.

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Lorraine D'Alessio

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